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Kubuntu 9.10 (x86_64) and VMware 6.5.3

Getting VMware installed got ugly again for a short time.  I should have expected this.  At least there is a solution, and typically a patch is out within a couple of months to fix the RPM (which can be alien‘d to a DEB).

Time, Money and Technology

It seems to be about time for an entry that targets the intent of this blog.  One of the problems with technology is that it usually requires time or money.  I have had little extra of either lately (beyond getting my netbook), so I think I need to establish my next set of events.

I have Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.3.1 running stably on my netbook.  As noted, I needed to reinstall due to partition corruption.  I have not had any trouble since, so I suspect one of two things:  ext4 or suspending while Amarok was playing.  Thus far,  I have really enjoyed my netbook.  There is expected slowness with some things, but this is a writing and surfing machine, not something intended for enormous power.  It is a fun little machine with excellent portability.  I look forward to the day that more powerful computers are this size!

As noted, there was a suspend problem with my netbook.  Since I suspect some things that are reproducible in a VM,  I intend to give that a try at my earliest opportunity.  I think the steps to replicate the problem should be pretty straight forward.

At some point I would like to start doing some development for KDE.  In the spirit of open source, it is because some things are broken that I want fixed.  I still cannot connect to wireless networks that have their SSIDs hidden.  That is very annoying.  I might also try to pitch in on Amarok, but what I really need is time (there’s that time thing again).

Lastly, and this needs to wait until I am at “my other home” again, I need to figure out some things with DSL.  I have to say I am pretty impressed with DSL — I really had no idea how it actually worked and that it used the telephone lines instead of a dedicated line!  I found some things that my VPN connection times out on, so I need to sort that out.  That also includes hopefully getting the Cisco VPN working under Linux (Kubuntu) again.

I think that sums up my technology plans at this point.  We’ll see how that sorts out against the real world.