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Review of Reckless Faith by David Kantrowitz

I am diverting from my normal content to support a friend.  Wikipedia is picky about entries and requires references — and apparently the fact that a book is being sold at Amazon.com is insufficient.

“The Reckless Faith”, by David Kantrowitz, is a sci-fi novel on the level of what Hollywood really should be making for movies.  While it is true that there is little new under the sun (if anything), the trick and art is in how details are mixed together.  That is what I enjoyed about David’s book.  I can see elements from a number of different sci-fi shows, movies, and books that come together to form an entertaining plot of a group of friends — and later associates due to circumstances — who construct a starship under the guidance of an extra-terrestrial AI.  The book concludes nicely which leaves open the possibility for a sequel, or it could have ended as it did given that enough of the plot was resolved.

I have to admit to finding the characters a little underdeveloped at times.  As the story evolves, they remained somewhat stuck though there was great potential in each character.  (That potential I found better explored in the second book “The Tarantula Nebula”.)  This is not to imply the characters were uninteresting, but that I was personally feeling as though an opportunity for character exploration was missed.  That, however, was offset by a swiftly moving plot that had me reading the last page far sooner than I thought I would!  David’s sense of pace and conflict kept the plot moving so smoothly and swiftly that the quibble I have over character development could be set aside.

For anyone looking for a fresher take on sci-fi, read this book.  Instead of the same droll “boy meets girl” sort of story, David employs something Hollywood should rediscover:  elaborate imagination.