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iomega ix2 review

This is an evaluation follow-up my other two posts (this and this) about the iomega ix2.


  • I found it easy to setup once the config software recognized it.  I used the Windows software as I will primarily be accessing it from a Windows machine
  • It has its own web server to host it’s control interface; nice
  • Many options for configuration including individual selection of turning on/off CIFS, FTP, SNMP, AFS
  • Ability to setup secure logins
  • 1TB of storage with RAID-1 makes me feel more secure than a single 1TB drive


  • “Wake on LAN” would be nice given there is a shutdown ability in the UI
  • Power button is really small; need to put drive where it is easily accessible if there will be any regular powering off/on
  • Connecting to rear USB ports is awkward unless the drive is sitting conveniently on your desktop.
  • No power management, so the drives always spin.  It is unsuitable for being on constantly
  • Installing the software required patience, but it worked; I’m surprised they don’t set this up as a more discoverable device on the network so not software install would be required

Other Thoughts:

  • MozyHome is an interesting idea, but is a silly free offer:  2GB free for a 1TB (or 2TB) drive?  Also, there is no Linux client for it — Win and Mac only
  • It gets a little warm, but you have to expect that for a small case with two HDDs in it
  • It is louder than a laptop, but it’s two HDDs in a small enclosure with a 60mm fan to keep them ventilated.  I expect noise.