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MP3 Players and Small Storage

I have a feeling we are definitely on the cusp of a storage revolution.  HDDs are at 1TB now.   SSD is retailing with diverse selection at 64GB, 126GB, and 256GB; 512GB is available, but absurdly priced.  Portable MP3 players are almost all using SSD storage and only a few hold-outs (like Apple) recognize that some people want an arsenal of music with them, not just a select set of their overall collection

I have been strongly thinking about getting away from the iPod (different story, different post), but my better senses are telling me to wait (blah blah… so is my wallet… blah blah).  I have a feeling that in a year there won’t be any HDD-based portable MP3 players any more and SSD will be reasonably affordable at “arsenal” capacity.