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Apple Makes Appliances, Not Computers

That isn’t an insult.  I mean that as an accurate description.

I like tinkering. I like to get under the hood and play.  This is what keeps me as far from Mac computers as I can get.  But that is also their strong point.

Here’s the reasoning behind my analogy.  What do you do with a refrigerator when you want one?  You go to the store, you look at the available models, you choose from the models a given company makes.  That’s it.

I just described purchasing a Mac.

What happens when it breaks?  You send it to an authorized repair shop, or back to the manufacturer to be repaired.  I was actually talking about a fridge… but wasn’t I also talking about a Mac?

They make things easy and obvious to use.  Upgrades are limited, tinkering is generally not permitted.  But what works works well, and what isn’t available on it is something you are just generally going to have to accept as a feature limitation of the appliance.

Apple make appliances, not computers.  It isn’t a bad thing, but I wish it would be acceptable for them to market themselves like that.  It makes the comparison with “PCs” (and Linux) ridiculous and irrelevant.

Apple makes some pretty darn good computer appliances.  iPhone.  iPod.  Desktop and laptop computers.  They are good at what they do operating within their defined set of use cases.  It’s a fault, and a strength.  I give them credit and criticize them at the same time.

Update:  I just reread this main post.  I’m a little surprised at my own words.  At this point I’m going to leave this here as a reminder to myself of what I’m not here to do.  While I do have something constructive I was trying to say, I think trying to reword it would only worsen perceptions.