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KDE 4.3 Upgrade

I took the plunge this past weekend and upgraded.  Several bugs I filed — ultimately only was a “me too” — have been fixed.  The login screen is now an annoying sky-blue color, so I need to combat the kdm greeter again to get it to let me theme it (usually means editing a text file).

I also updated a VM and have been trying to compile Amarok 2.1.1 from source.  I will then try and compile the source from gitorious (a git-hub source control system) to see if another bug has been fixed.  There is one major outstanding issue with it that needs fixing, and then I might be convinced to move to it:  they desperately need an equalizer.

Somewhere amidst all of this, I finally tried KDE’s remote desktop again (KRDC).  My biggest complaint with it has finally been fixed:  they pass through the control keys.  As I type this, I think they may have fixed that some time ago, but it reminds me that KDE has a viable remote desktop application!  (The more I muse, I think I am thinking of NoMachine’s NXClient which doesn’t pass through things like alt+tab — very annoying…).

As I sit here writing this, my Windows laptop is hung, and I need to find a way to cleanly exit programs without simply killing them or hard-booting.  I don’t intend the aggravated bias, but I never have this problem with Linux… seriously.