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iomega ix2 review

This is an evaluation follow-up my other two posts (this and this) about the iomega ix2.


  • I found it easy to setup once the config software recognized it.  I used the Windows software as I will primarily be accessing it from a Windows machine
  • It has its own web server to host it’s control interface; nice
  • Many options for configuration including individual selection of turning on/off CIFS, FTP, SNMP, AFS
  • Ability to setup secure logins
  • 1TB of storage with RAID-1 makes me feel more secure than a single 1TB drive


  • “Wake on LAN” would be nice given there is a shutdown ability in the UI
  • Power button is really small; need to put drive where it is easily accessible if there will be any regular powering off/on
  • Connecting to rear USB ports is awkward unless the drive is sitting conveniently on your desktop.
  • No power management, so the drives always spin.  It is unsuitable for being on constantly
  • Installing the software required patience, but it worked; I’m surprised they don’t set this up as a more discoverable device on the network so not software install would be required

Other Thoughts:

  • MozyHome is an interesting idea, but is a silly free offer:  2GB free for a 1TB (or 2TB) drive?  Also, there is no Linux client for it — Win and Mac only
  • It gets a little warm, but you have to expect that for a small case with two HDDs in it
  • It is louder than a laptop, but it’s two HDDs in a small enclosure with a 60mm fan to keep them ventilated.  I expect noise.

iomega ix2 arrival

My NAS arrived today.  It was much easier to setup than some of the Newegg reviews indicated.  After I own this for more than a week, I’ll write my own review on the ‘egg.

I did initially mistakenly call it an ix2-200, it is just simply an ix2.  I chose to use the Windows tools to set it up since this will primarily be for long-term storage of work-related material.  When I was done, I tried to access it directly using http://nas-device-name.local/ from my Linux machine, and *poof* it worked.  I thought the control console was all client-based running a mini-webserver, but not so!  Very nice!

I have enabled FTP and CIFS for file transfers.  It all seems to work pretty smoothly.  There are so many configuration options, and it will be fun to explore them.  This can be setup to be a print server, media server, torrent server… me thinks the kids over at EMC2 had a little too much fun with the embedded Linux server they put in this puppy.

Nice job, kids!

I have left the disks in their default RAID-1 (mirror) configuration for maximum data protection.  So with 2-1TB discs, I only get 1TB of storage… but it should be darn reliable.  I can also hook up external storage, but have read rumors that it is not possible to copy content from the external storage to the ix2 — I’ll have to investigate that as it does not make much sense.

I might let this run for a couple days to see what happens.  Some folks report issues with drive failure and other oddities.  Once I feel comfortable that this will run nicely, I’ll start a mass migration and then use my 500GB external drive for its intended purpose: backing up my work laptop with our backup software.  Right now it is sort of my backup disc in the sense that I keep my archive of VMs and important installers on it.  But we have software that can do a “bare metal” recovery if I have to.  I know two folks who have used this software and it has worked marvelously.

The one hack I might try to explore is getting ssh to work.  If I can do that, then I can remote into it and should be able to copy to and from devices connected by USB.  Plus, it would be fun to prowl around what they have setup.  But I suspect port 22 is closed to prowlers like me.  >:)