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Microsoft and XML Patents

This article is kind of troubling.  It troubles me because they patented the concept of putting meta-tags in XML that map to inline style changes defined in a supplemental file.  I can understand patenting the supplemental file; I can understand patenting the mapping schema; but this is patenting a concept that seems, at least on the surface, very generic in nature.

i4i LP is only targetting Microsoft at this point, but they also clearly state that the ODF 1.2 specification violates their patent.  It would be a shame is this got in the way of the innovation coming out of the OpenOffice.org project.  Even Microsoft is hopping on board to support ODF in their next service pack of Office 2007.  Believe it or not, I disagree with this law suit; their narrow focus of Microsoft makes this seem personal against Microsoft and not about the general concept.  It also took them 2 years to find this?  I hope a victory can be scored for freedom of innovation here.