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Blackbox For Windows (bb4win) makes Windows Livable for Me

I actually kind of like the Windows paradigm, especially Windows XP.  Thank you, Xerox!

What I don’t like is the complete lack of ability to customize the appearance without getting something bloated like Windowblinds.  Even then, it’s more like skinning, not customizing.  I have been spoiled by the incredible flexibility of KDE (thanks folks!), and upon finding bb4win, my life got happier.

I find it amusing that I tried fluxbox on my ‘buntu machine, and didn’t fall in love with it in the same way.  I think that’s because I am happy with KDE.  I need to get some screenshots up, but the two best places for reference are…

1) Lost in the Box

2) Boxshots

FWIW, I run bbLean1.17.  There are some very talented people at Boxshots who make bb4win look darn sexy.  I don’t do anything incredibly fancy, but it works for me.

The number one feature I like about bb4win is bbkeys — being able to map key combinations to my heart’s content.  New message, minimize all, maximize, move to a new workspace, change workspace, etc.  The two I miss the most (broke a few revisions ago) are “maximize horizontally” and “maximize vertically”.  For some reason they haven’t been able to work those back in.

AltDrag also helps Window be more tolerable and bring ‘box functionality into Windows.  Alt+left-mouse lets you move a window around without having to grab the title bare; Alt+right-mouse let’s you resize.  Just like KDE, or fluxbox.  How nice.

krdc, Windows XP, and bb4win

I am retrying krdc.  There appears to have been a number of nice feature changes including the ability to grab all keys which means all of my keyboard shortcuts in bb4win now work.  However, I notice a few oddities that I need to follow-up with at some point.

  1. If I have my auto-hiding panel at the top of the screen in KDE, it interferes with the krdc icon-bar restoring when I move my cursor to the top of the screen
  2. My mouse cursors don’t appear normally
  3. bbLeanSkin’s feature of edge-snapping does not work
  4. AltKey (non-bb4win) does not work — so my alt-RMB and alt-LMB mouse functionality does not work and I miss it.
  5. GoToMeeting ends up interfering with a lot of the cursor events when I am remoted in — which could just be a krdc issue

I am attempting this setup to determine if this works or if maybe a 4-port KVM might be a better option than my previously thought up crazy scenario.