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Initial Netbook Impressions

In newegg’s infamous delivery speed, I received my AOD250 today.  My first impressions are quite good.

  • solid seating of power plug
  • tolerable keyboard –touchtyping is relatively easy (I just typed a few pages in a story I am working on, and my typing suffered very little)
  • nice display
  • Kubuntu 9.04 installed beautifully with no more hitches than normal — better than my old HP laptop
  • quiet
  • pretty
  • touchpad buttons are not as hard to press as some reviews claimed — but I like the resistance
  • wireless networking worked instantly (under Kubuntu, that is)
  • bluetooth is toggled by a hardware button … very nice (and KDE 4.3 nicely picks up on that and displays the BT system tray icon when BT is enabled)
  • Comes with1GB of RAM — and I’m not sure why people are instantly upgrading to 2GB as this works nicely for me.  However, it is only $30 …

I have a few instant nits though:

  • “End” is Fn+PgDn, “Home” is Fn+PgUp — I use these two keys a lot; these two things are becoming the top annoyance (but not enough to say not to buy one of these)
  • USB ports don’t seem to hold things squarely, but I seldom use them
  • hardware switch to shutoff touchpad would be nice — Fn+F7 toggles the touchpad; not as convenient as a hardware switch, but tolerably serves the purpose (updated 2009-09-06)
  • wired networking isn’t working right now (see this post)
  • the glossy screen is tolerable, but I can imagine it being intolerable if I were backlit or sitting outdoors (hmm…)
  • the touchpad can be a little fussy about the “touch click” — but it appears to err on the side of less sensitivity; I would prefer it erring in that direction

Overall, the install of Kubuntu was easy, and this is working exactly as I expected. In my first few hours of owning it, I liked it!  As if it isn’t already apparent, I plan to keep updating this post.  I will ultimately post a review on Newegg.