Unlike past blogs I’ve had, I’m going to use my real name for this one.  My name is John Wheaton and I am going to talk about technology here.  I do not aim to be provocative, volatile, or controversial. I say what I mean, and mean what I say.  My primary motivation for creating this blog was to capture thoughts about Linux.  I kind of mean this as a place to keep things that I want to remember, but also share — like really neat commands, or cool features I have discovered.

I admit I do not like Microsoft and Apple for a variety of reasons. However, I *will* note things that they do right (i.e., I actually like Windows XP out of all MSFT’s OSes, and I think Apple makes great MP3 players).

I am open to suggestions about things to look into, so if someone throws a technology shaped stone my direction, I just might pick it up…

So… upwards and onwards from here!


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