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Dropbox on Linux (namely, not on Ubuntu)

Alright, don’t get excited.  This giant repository of things for me to remember is getting another update.  It will be so dazzling, that I’m sure you will say “Well… DUH!!!”  Here it is anyway.

I was looking for directions on how to get Dropbox running under Linux.  I have had reasons on one of my machines to move to Linux Mint [1].  And so I went a’googlin’ for how to install this.  And I found this page.  It’s not such a big deal except it is.

  1. When you format text for the command line, it’s always polite to make sure it can be copied and pasted
  2. See 1
  3. See me take 20 [2] minutes to do something simple.

Here’s the text without special formatting:

cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

And now to break it down… because that’s what I do:

  • If I need to explain “cd ~” … um…
  • wget — FTW!
  • -O — that’s oh.  OH!  As in Output file
  • – — that’s dash, as in “standard out”
  • the url.  Yay!
  • pipe.  I like pipes.
  • tar extract g-zipped filename
  • – — standard out again

Right… and after that you run ./.dropbox-dist/dropboxd and it all works.

And there we have it.  It works.  We are happy.

[1] Stupid *&^%ing Kubuntu installer does not work with a Lenovo T440p with an SSD drive.  It’s a known problem.  It’s not an old laptop.  I’m really annoyed.  Yet, Linux Mint installed flawlessly.  -1 Canonical.  -1…

[2] That includes writing this post, FWIW.