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What are Teh Klowd? (IOW, What is the cloud?)

The cloud.

A nebulous frontier.

I tried to imagine the data.  What did it look like?  Were the collections like cumulus clouds?  Were the users like sky-divers?  Or were they hapless passengers thrown out the door, free-falling to their demise…

All apologies to Tron: Legacy there.  But I think my parody sums up the wacky vision promoted by so many sales people and executive-level mumbo-jumbo speakers.  They don’t know what it is.  They talk about it like is a the next best thing, but I haven’t yet heard a sales, technical, or architecture person describe it in a way that makes real sense — something that makes it more than just a big blob of storage “out there” that can be used for “lost of cool stuff”.

Then I read this post by Lee Dallas.  Nail, on, the, head … man.  Perfect.  This is what the cloud brings:  data + context, permitting you to use any device to access the same data and have awareness.  Whether it is a book, a paused movie, a spreadsheet, or whatever.  The next step, of course, is full-blown programs that allow you to disconnect and reconnect to their instances from any device.

That makes it sound cool, in a tangible way … in a way that I understand and can explain to others.

I could go off about privacy concerns, but for now I’ll let this serve as a lengthy pointer to Lee’s post which is such a nice explanation of what “the cloud” means.