Learning Drupal

I am working on entering into the second decade of the 21st century and I am learning Drupal.  I have a local LAMP stack going, and kind of cheated and installed the packages from Ubuntu.  However, that wasn’t completely without challenges.  I even managed to make a contribution to the wiki to help out others.

I know very little about PHP, but it seems like that isn’t a great solution.  But… it worked.  And now I am able to kludge my way through Drupal.

On the surface, it seems relatively easy:  modules, blocks, primary and secondary links, themes, content, and other superficial things.

Then there are the nuances of permissions, how to make blocks visible to logged in users or anonymous users, and perhaps even fiddling with the theme a bit to get the layout to play nicely.

Ultimately, there is the step of diving into PHP and making new modules.  But that I think I’ll save for another week.  My goal at this point is to assemble my website with something, and in a way, that shows I can spell WCM, understand how websites are put together outside of vim/emacs, and can perhaps demonstrate a little of my developer skills simply through good design.

My next hurdle will be to work with my ISP to get Drupal working there.  I tried their canned installer and some special PHP file just for them (literally $_isp_providers_name.php) didn’t appear out of the can.  So, out comes the figurative fork, and in I went after the beans at the bottom… albeit in the form of contacting customer support with a polite “Hey?!  What gives?”

My feet are barely wet.  Drupal is pretty interesting.  My keener interest is how can I tie it into other things.  Can I tie it into DFS and make a folder listing module?  What about an Inbox module?  Would this be a viable light-weight interface?  Potential fun could ensue… be warned.


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