New Install of Ubuntu Server — Part IV (bugzilla)

Again, installing bugzilla was easy.  I took it straight from the repositories — and therefore I installed 2.22 (note that version if you are following this for a higher version…).  Migrating this was easier than mediawiki, but included a few more steps than subversion.  This page says the basics, but there are some key steps missing.

  • dump the database
  • make a backup of either your “data” or entire “bugzilla” directory.  Now… where’s that?  Under Ubuntu Server it is under /var/lib/bugzilla.
  • make a copy of your localconfig (from /etc/bugzilla)

On the new machine, you must first:

  • install bugzilla
  • create the bugzilla database
  • create your bugzilla user (e.g., bugs)
  • grant bugs the appropriate permissions which can be found here
  • backup /etc/bugzilla/localconfig and copy the one from the old machine — update the $db_pass in that file if necessary
  • restore the data or bugzilla directory in /var/lib/bugzilla (or where appropriate)
  • now you can import the dump per the appropriate database

And that is it.  It worked when I restarted apache!


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2 responses to “New Install of Ubuntu Server — Part IV (bugzilla)

  • Max Kanat-Alexander

    Wow, 2.22?? That’s ancient and also quite far end-of-lifed, meaning that it probably has open and unfixed security issues. I think the package for modern Bugzilla in Ubuntu is “bugzilla3”, although I know that a lot of people have had trouble with it, and I think that it’s outdated as well.


  • John

    Both bugzilla and mediawiki are quite old in the 8.04 repositories. Staying with the same version of bugzilla removed a complication in migrating server-to-server. Mediawiki went up only one version which introduced very few variables. I also had to keep in mind that this needed to be done pretty quickly. So removing variables was preferable.

    With 10.04 (LTS) right around the corner, I fully plan to create an instance of that and migrate everything one more time. That will have the latest-and-greatest I can manage to put on it. Since that migration will not be as time-critical, I can negotiate the nuances of jumping two years worth of versions (or more in cases like bugzilla).

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