Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

New Install of Ubuntu Server — Part IV (bugzilla)

Again, installing bugzilla was easy.  I took it straight from the repositories — and therefore I installed 2.22 (note that version if you are following this for a higher version…).  Migrating this was easier than mediawiki, but included a few more steps than subversion.  This page says the basics, but there are some key steps missing.

  • dump the database
  • make a backup of either your “data” or entire “bugzilla” directory.  Now… where’s that?  Under Ubuntu Server it is under /var/lib/bugzilla.
  • make a copy of your localconfig (from /etc/bugzilla)

On the new machine, you must first:

  • install bugzilla
  • create the bugzilla database
  • create your bugzilla user (e.g., bugs)
  • grant bugs the appropriate permissions which can be found here
  • backup /etc/bugzilla/localconfig and copy the one from the old machine — update the $db_pass in that file if necessary
  • restore the data or bugzilla directory in /var/lib/bugzilla (or where appropriate)
  • now you can import the dump per the appropriate database

And that is it.  It worked when I restarted apache!


New Install of Ubuntu Server — Part III (mediawiki)

Installing mediawiki is easy.  Setting up a new wiki is easy.  Migrating to a new server AND upgrading the version of mediawiki is triki…

My first issue was setting up the user.  I know SQL, but the exact specifics of some databases can elude me.  Enter my first “bit in the butt” moment with MySQL.  Apparently the best way to GRANT permissions to the mediawiki user is to use a statement similar to the following:

GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON db_name.* TO db_user@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘some password’;

It was that little percent sign (%) that bit me.

My second issue was upgrading mediawiki.  This, of course, is not a smart move to do as part of moving to a new server.  But, hey, I did it.  The final key was to run the update script (maintenance/update.php) that is included in the mediawiki install dir (/usr/share/mediawiki on Ubuntu).

Otherwise, the steps at this site, and the ones it links to, are great.