New Install of Ubuntu Server – Part II (subversion)

After installing the baseline of the server I needed to install subversion.  Installing subversion is something I have had trouble with in the past, and have been surrounded by talented people to fix my mistakes.

Yes, humility there.  I suck at installing subversion, but ask for help.  This time, I finally found the right resources to make things work as expected.  The interesting park is that I was moving content between servers, so I had to install, dump, load, and configure.  A couple more steps, but appears to have been successful.

1) This page provided simple instructions on installing and configuring subversion.  I did not import a project because I loaded from a dump.

2) This page provided fantastic instructions for dumping and loading subversion.  The notable changes I made where the user and groups I chown’d to because this subversion instance is controlled through apache modules.  So after the chown/chmod commands, I stopped.

3) Finally I needed a hint about why my apache server wasn’t letting me into the repository.  Here is the hint I needed.  Specifically the section about editing the httpd.conf file.


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