Solaris 10 (Intel) and Documentum

So I previously, and ecstatically, posted about running Solaris 10 in a VM.  While that worked nicely, there was a killer detail I overlooked.  The goal was to run Documentum Content Server in that VM.  But, alas, the installer is for an UltraSPARC processor so the bundled JRE failed miserably.

While there might be a way to trick the basic Linux installer to work in an Intel/Solaris-10 configuration, it is more prudent to switch over to CentOS 5.3 to emulate a RHEL 5.3 install.  Oracle can be coerced into installed on CentOS 5.3 (did it for Fedora Core a couple years ago), and the EMC|Documentum CS is none-the-wiser about the RHEL clone (well… I’m hoping that is still the case).

Today drips with geekdom, and it is good.


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