Pirates and Control – Thoughts on FOSS

I saw this today and thought it was a great summary about why FOSS is important.  I was just looking at KDE 4.4 the other night and was wondering what it was that the commercial vendors are missing from their approaches.  So much of it is summed up in that bullet list:

  • Scientifically peer reviewed engineering is better.
  • Group collaboration is more efficient.
  • User participation is more effective.
  • Transparency is more trustworthy.
  • Openness is more educationally valuable.
  • Freedom means greater self control.
  • Multiple rights holders reduces artificial restrictions.
  • Enlightened self interest funds development and progress.
  • And that this ownership means a choice between self reliance and support.

I’m sure that “the major vendors” would make statements about QA departments, market research, product planning, and so forth.  However, I put my faith in the community and active participation to drive an interface that actually looks good, works, and rides on an operating system that is stable and trustworthy.  I don’t use FOSS only because it is free, I use it because it is more reliable.  And when it does let me down, the transparency makes support absolutely amazing.


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