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A friend recently asked me about this, so I think this makes an excellent first nugget on the topic of Green Living & Computers.  Another good post should be my definition of that concept, but perhaps actions speak louder than words.  To that end…

Many of our electronics contain materials that are very harmful to the environment if we simply dump them in a landfill.  Sure, it’s easy to throw out something as mundane as a broken remote control, but even the printed circuit board in that will minutely pollute the water table.  In other words, it pollutes the water we drink (and some of us fish or swim in).

Enter recycling places such as BoxQ in Georgetown, MA.  The benefit of being responsible ultimately costs us — you have to pay to dispose of your electronics.  However for the price of that disposal fee comes a clean conscience in knowing that you have disposed of something toxic responsibly.

Follow-ups I can, or should, make to this post are:

  1. My thoughts on Green Living & Computers
  2. Investigate rumors of “recycling” facilities in China (etc.) where they bear the burden of the toxic waste at our expense

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