Plans for Posts in 2010

I think I am going to get a bit more controversial in 2010 — despite my original intent for this to be a somewhat neutral place.

I have changed my mind because there are things I believe strongly about where technology is concerned, and I feel that sitting by quietly is wrong.  Sitting by quietly is the sin of omission; sloth at its finest.

I plan on my posts to cover the following topics:

  • My thoughts on FOSS
  • Internet Privacy (as in, I believe it should exist, and see little reason why it should not)
  • Green Living & Computers
  • Computer Ethics

I think there is a good chance these topics will cross a bit.  My goal will be to keep them somewhat short, approach them in parts, and hopefully state my thoughts clearly and without deliberate aggression or accusation.

As a favorite comedian of mine says… you gotta have goals.


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I write about technology interests, cooking, and my own writing (sci-fi and fantasy... sometimes both). I try to keep things light, but sometimes I get side-tracked on an issue that I feel strongly about. No offense is meant, I'm just like any other person who feels strongly about something when I write. View all posts by John

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