Defraggler for Daily Defrags

After spending almost an entire weekend getting my Windows HDD defragged I learned a few good lessons.

1. The Windows “Disk Defragmenter” tool is inherently broken when compared to other options that actually defrag the drive.

2. Due to limitations of windows, if your files exceed ~1.7GB, they will stay fragmented in at least two parts and there is nothing you can do about it.

3. Daily execution of defrag is necessary for good system health.

I found a nice tool called Defraggler.  Though I expected miniature muppets to start singing something about a rock, I was not disappointed to instead find a defrag tool that actually works.  At first, I thought it wasn’t quite good enough, but after some reading I learned that excessively large files have to stay fragmented due to FAT32 limitations.

One of the great things about Defraggler is that the developers seemed to understand the need for a daily defrag.  The tool can be run with a “shutdown after defrag” option.  That is brilliant.

Another great thing is the ability to defragment files individually.  This was necessary for me due to the extended amount of time I went without running any kind of defragementation tool.

The visual defragmentation is nice too.  It takes me back to the early days of Norton System Tools.  I almost want to grab the popcorn and watch the little blocks change color.


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