Kubuntu 9.10 Upgrade – fronk

fronk is my 32-bit file-server & quazi back-up machine.  I use this for random bits of development, testing, and primarily as a backup destination.

Saturday & Sunday I performed the 9.10 upgrade on this machine — in place.  I made sure to backup my xorg.conf, smb.conf, fstab, and source.list (apt) as those have been clobbered in the past.

  • KPackageKit exited with a failure — I think the servers were overloaded.  Rerunning it got all of the packages downloaded.
  • KPackageKit exited with an error code of <1> — whatever that means.  I ran sudo aptitude full-upgrade from the CLI.  The only thing remaining to do was to remove packages.
  • Reboot.
  • sudo apt-get upgrade showed nothing to do, and all repositories queried were karmic (9.10)

So, only one reboot, some hiccups that were resolved with persistence, and a lot of leaving this computer to do its own thing, the upgrade took about 16 hours.  I think that time is due to heavy traffic on the server.  I’ve never had it take this long.

Update from my future self:  yes, it was the server traffic.  Two other upgrades took about an hour.


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