Monitor Arrival HP2509m

My new monitor arrived yesterday and I am very impressed at how smoothly Kubuntu handled recognizing the new resolution automatically.  Very nice indeed.  I have a few nits about the monitor, but I am going to wait so I can also state how I resolve them.  I do not believe any of them are critical to the point to make me get rid of it.  (Incidentally, that would probably be at a profit since I paid $35 for it — thanks to Verizon — and even selling it at a steal would put me ahead.  I am still tempted since I would ideally get into another 1600×1200 monitor and thus end up with a 3200 x 1200 desktop…  beats 1900×1080 by just a bit, eh?)

A nice thing I will say immediately is that my fonts seem a little crisper.  That’s very nice.

Anyway, my brain is now hatching a strange and lunatic plan to maybe use my old monitor and have something wild running.

1600×1200 . 1900×1080 . laptop screen
/ switch \ / switch (monitor) \ / |
fronk (vga) archon (vga) . archon (dvi) laptop (vga) . laptop (built-in)
. synergy

That madness needs a little explanation.

  • I have 3 machines:  fronk, archon, and my work laptop.
  • I have a KVM switch to toggle between fronk and archon; I can set that up to use the 1600×1200 monitor.
  • I can use the DVI connector on archon’s video card to feed into the new monitor.
  • I can connect the laptop to the new monitor using the VGA out.
  • I can use synergy to share my keyboard between archon and my laptop.

So what I could do it keep the 1600×1200 monitor between archon and fronk.  I can then share the 1900×1080 monitor between my laptop and archon.

The upshot is the following:

  • working hours:  archon on the 1600×1200, laptop on the 1900×1080 and built-in 1900×1200 — and I get to use a real keyboard and mouse, hopefully fostering better posture.  I should still be able to control things like my music player just by moving the mouse back over to the 1600×1200 monitor thus returning focus to archon.
  • personal hours:  archon gets both — and I get a HUGE amount of monitor real estate
  • working on fronk:  I am trying to turn fronk into nothing more than a file server.  However, sometimes I need to check the console to resolve boot issues (like accidentally bumping the eSATA cable and causing drive mount issues).

It’s a mad plan, but sounds like fun!


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