New Monitor HP 2509m

Thanks to signing up for Verizon, and their promotional offer, I am getting this monitor for a delightfully low price.  It isn’t the greatest out there, but it is better than what I have right now albeit I will be going from 1600×1200 to 1920×1080 — I will lose some height, but I have realized I see my desktop more horizontally than I do vertically.

Monitor type
25″ diagonal Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD active matrix
Native Resolution
1920 x 1080p @ 60 Hz (recommended)
1000:1 (typical) 60,000:1 (dynamic)
300 nits (typical)
Pixel pitch
Response rate
5 ms (on-off) (typical) 3 ms (GTG)
Integrated speakers, 2W per channel
Signal Input Connector
+25 to -5 degrees
Detachable base (for mounting)
24.32″(w) x 17.22″(h) x 7.91″(d)

I’ll admit to a compromise here — it isn’t Energy Star Qualified, but none of their monitors are.  That is annoying.  I was initially going to use the promotion on their netbook, but it paled in comparison to what I ended up getting.  After doing some shopping around, the thing I found that seemed the most useful was a new monitor.

This purchase is going to play into my new plan:  getting a new server built for portable use.  I was debating whether I should get a laptop and I went to buy what I wanted one day late and HP no longer offered the free upgrades that made it worth it.  So for about 60% of what that laptop would have cost me after the coupon I will configure a small-form-factor system that I will (a) keep in the living room as a media machine and (b) take with me when I go to my favorite remote location to do work.  This monitor purchase will allow me to retire my current monitor to be used at said favorite remote location.

Ultimately, I am pleased with this outcome.  I was reluctant to get into a laptop due to the high amount of hardware lock-in.  Since this machine was never intended for “laptop use” the outcome of it being a SFF machine is more ideal.  I will have more control over components and upgrade-ability.  I like that control.  I have my netbook as my portable device, and it serves it’s purpose very well.  I did harbor small hopes that I could get to some Ubuntu Bug Jams, but I seriously do not see that as plausible.  If I do, I can take my work laptop and run Ubuntu (or Kubuntu) in a VM if needed; that is the more likely scenario.


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