partition failed to mount

I am not really sure what I did wrong, but today my root and home partitions failed to mount on my netbook.

  • I left it within 10″ of a fan all night, but it started this morning just fine.  I am inclined to rule this out.
  • I have been using ext4 as my filesystem.  I know it is technically not “production ready”, but it has been working fine anyway.  Maybe this is a or the source?
  • I almost never suspend any of my computers, but this netbook has been doing very well with that.  The issue arose when I returned from a suspend and was forced to reboot because sound did not come back.
  • When the machine suspended, it was wireless, running on battery and playing music through Amarok.  I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I thought I would note that.
  • Netbooks don’t necessary ship with the best components.  Maybe the HDD isn’t all that great?
  • After the reboot, Kubuntu went straight into busybox after the HDD clicked for a little bit.
  • Upon a full reinstall, there was no HDD clicking, so I am not sure whether to chalk that noise up to a corrupt partition or a bad HDD.

I think I will try to reproduce this error on a VM, but I also wonder if it might be a hardware issue.  I find it incredibly suspicious that this problem happened on a resume from suspect when the machine suspended while Amarok was playing.  It is the only time a resume has been a problem.


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