More Obervations on the AOD250

Expanding on recent posts [1] [2], today I inspected the underside and found three easily accessible compartments:

  1. Hard drive
  2. Memory
  3. Mini-PCI

I have no inclination to chance the HDD unless SSD becomes rediculously cheap.  This has a 5400 RPM drive in it which trades performance for energy savings.  Given what I plan to be doing with it, a 5400 RPM drive is just fine.

The memory is 1GB.  Again, that is just fine for what I plan to be doing, but if I ever have $30 burning a hole in my pocket, I can take this to 2GB.  Given that I run Linux on this, that is more attractive than if I ran Windows because Linux seems to do phenomenaly better at using memory to load the core parts.  … I feel like I am talking myself into this upgrade.  I know that sounds a little crazy to say because more memory with Windows is always better; but I always feel like I am feeding a bad plan when I concede to Windows’ need for memory.  Windows needs it, Linux uses it.

The Mini-PCI port is the most interesting piece.  There is so much I could do with this:  broadband (I think…), SSD, Wireless-N, toothpick storage… the possibilities are endless!  Or not.  But it is expandable.  That is very nice.  The thought of having an SSD primary drive with a HDD as my data location has a certain appeal.  Though, this would not be any kind of near-term upgrade.


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