Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Netbook Choice

I gave in and got an Acer Aspire One AOD250 in Blue.  I finally settled on this because size does matter — I want it for writing, email, IM, and light web surfing.  If I write any code on it, I will probably be compiling it on a different machine.  I certainly do not plan to game on it.  I already have ample warning that the speakers stink, so if it plays music, it will be to speakers or headphones (likely the latter).

So why I go it:

  • amazing reviews in general
  • amazing reviews of support under Linux (esp. Ubuntu)
  • Bluetooth
  • battery life
  • blue (… ;^) …)
  • card reader
  • good reviews on noise level
  • good reviews on power brick heat (other bricks get very hot)
  • good reviews on firmness of power connection (other peer units were reported to have the connector fall out with minimal effort)

Those are the things that set it apart from it’s peers.  I pondered the Lenovo S10-2 which has a full-sized keyboard, but the lack of rave reviews and the keyboard layout was a putoff — I dislike the IBM/Lenovo layout placing the Fn key in the lower right because I prefer CTRL, Fn, Meta, Alt as apposed to Fn, Ctrl, Meta, Alt.

I should receive this just before I head off for a week.  I should be able to get Kubuntu 9.04 installed and settled before then.  Then I shall have it for very mobile writing.  As a fun kicker, for an additional $10 I addedd in a “purse” for the netbook to protect it.