Windows, Laptops, and Forced Technology Improvements

I will echo another blog I read within the last month:  one good thing about Microsoft is that they are indirectly forcing manufacturers to improve their technology to support their OS.  CNET has an arctile about the convergence of Windows 7 and Intel’s new Atom processor.

What I am looking forward to is the potential availability of cooler HP laptops or netbooks come that time.  I will be getting a coupon from Verizon (a “please sign-up” incentive) that I hope I can use on neat new technology…!

Netbooks may undergo the biggest change. Models that appear after Windows 7 ships in October will see the most significant overhaul internally since the Netbook category debuted back in the spring of 2008. Intel’s new “Pine Trail” Atom silicon will collapse most of the core chips onto one piece of silicon, improving the power efficiency and boosting performance.

Cool beans.

Higher up the laptop performance scale are Core i7 mobile processors, also due around the same time that Windows 7 hits the streets. Eden showed how the gigahertz speed–or “clock speed”–of individual mobile processor cores will instantly spike in performance to accomplish a task then, in the next instant, go idle–what Intel calls HUGI or Hurry Up and Get Idle.

A very interesting power conservation approach as long as it doesn’t slag performance.

Here’s hoping…


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