The “Recent” Kubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

A few weeks back I upgraded to Kubuntu 9.04 (64 bit).  I was running 8.10 (Oct-2008 release) as it was a “long term support” version of the OS.  However, there were some key updates to the OS as well as the significant change to the window manager (KDE) — I was running KDE 3.5.10 under 8.10, and now I’m running KDE 4.2.2.

Another blog did a comparison of how long it took to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 from Windows XP versus Win XP to Vista.  The difference was over a day due to updates, and software installs.  Amazing.

My critieria for making the final leap was some key software I use regularly.  Thankfully, I have a second system to play on.  Of course, if I didn’t have that, I have VMware (or could use Virtualbox) to run a test in.

I think the only thing I am disappointed with in Kubuntu 9.04 is Amarok 2 — the music player.  I lost a few features from 1.4 and apparently someone else got frustrated enough that they built their own install that is compatible with Kubuntu 9.04.  It doesn’t integrate nicely with KDE4’s beauty, but it gives me back the features I want and like.  I keep feeling like it is a cop out — I do want to use (thereby test) Amarok 2, but just can’t give up certain favorite features, namely a smart play list that keeps track of my least played music.  Amarok 2 doesn’t have smart play lists at all.


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2 responses to “The “Recent” Kubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

  • Jim Marks

    That’s a pretty substantial feature to remove. Is there any documentation to indicate why they removed it and if they plan to bring it back?

    • arch0njw

      I think they are working on putting the feature back in. They completely changed the underpinnings of the application. So they are almost literally rebuilding it from scratch.

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