Hello world!

So I’ve been looking for a place to vent my technical geekery.  I think the best place is a blog dedicated to it.  I will talk about Linux here, primarily Kubuntu (64 bit, if that matters).  I will also probably make entries that are reminders for myself on how to do cool things like find/grep stuff.  It’s out there on the intarnetwebs somewhere, but I intend to keep it here for my own uses.

If you want to follow me in my mad ramblings, you are free to.  I welcome comments, and roast trolls for dinner.

With that said.  “Once more into the breech…”


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I write about technology interests, cooking, and my own writing (sci-fi and fantasy... sometimes both). I try to keep things light, but sometimes I get side-tracked on an issue that I feel strongly about. No offense is meant, I'm just like any other person who feels strongly about something when I write. View all posts by John

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